Heinevetter Educational Games
with automatic check

The educational idea of the games

Because of their advantages, Heinevetters Educational Games found world-wide acclamation and distribution within a few years. Their use at home, kindergarten pre- and primary school (including school backward children) enables far-reaching individualisation of teaching, productive individual work and more successful learning.

Children, aged 3 to 10, are motivated by play and puzzle effect. They do not need special instruction and supervision as the work will be controlled automatically.

When playing systematically, i. e. starting at the top of the left-hand corner and proceeding vertically, all Heinevetter Tutors have the automatic check. Besides, these games fulfil the demand of teachers to place the results directly on the problem without a roundabout way by encoding.

  The special control

The games consist of one box with transparent tray which serves as working board, insert sheets with changing problems as well as chips for the solutions: If the long corrugated edges of the chips fit into each other, the answers are correct. If they do not fit, a mistake has been made.
The places, on which the single chips are positioned, vary from insert sheet to insert sheet in order to avoid that the children work from memory.

Prices and delivery:

Our prices for games we send abroad are in EUR, without any German tax, and therefore only for customers living outside Germany and some European countries (EU/EC). We first will send an invoice, including money for transport (only by post-parcel, no costs for packing), and deliver within one week after your advance payment (no checks, no cards). Please care also for the payment of all bank-charges.

big tutors, 3-9 years